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Family History Research and Reunions

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Family History Research and Family Trees.
With over 30 years experience Jenny can help you to research your ancestors and establish a Family Tree.
Legally trained Jenny uses these skills to research and record accurately the available documents and facts.  Where possible she searches out extra information so as to give a feel for the characters of the people; in some cases this can include organisations they were associated with, interests, travels and so on.  For an extra fee, she will write a brief account of an event so that you can share it with other family members.
Family Reunions.
Jenny is available to advise on various aspects of a family reunion.  This can include such items as facilities required, display material, menus, activities.  Or, she can organise the whole event. 
Jenny will not organise or seek out advertisments, anything to do with media or fund raising.
To contact Jenny email;
Click on the links below to view her latest family reunion. May 2012 - 4 min
If you thought your family gatherings were big, think again. The Solomon family has managed to get 200 ...

  • Australia's biggest family reunion - YouTube
    11 Mar 2012 - 3 min - Uploaded by 7NEWS
    The Solomon family has managed to get 200 relatives together in one place at the one ... Solomon Family ...

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