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Orators and Creators

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Orators and Creators  supplies musicians who include flautists, pianists, guitarists, harpist, piano accordionist, and violinists.
Groups include ;
                        Embraceable Jazz,
                        Ivan and Rhonda,
                        Jerusalem Harmonies,
                        Musical Spring,
                        Paper Dolls
                        Sibling Revelry,
                        Silver Strings,
                        The Templestowe Entertainers,
                        The Dueling Strings,
                        The Splitters,
                        Trio Cantilena,
A variety of musical styles is covered by musicans and vocalists.  These include A cappella, "Old Time Popular Tunes", Jazz, Country and Western, "British Music Hall", "Vera Lyn", Opera, Musical Comedy, Gilbert and Sullivan, Latin American, Folk "Celtic" and Contemporary.
Masters of Ceremony, Charlie Chaplin impersonator, magicians, street performers, clowns, face painters and "sing alongs" and concert parties  are also available.
Orators and Creators represents a number of people suitable for
School Holiday Programmes;
Face painters
Magicians - Max the Magician
                  Mr.Biscuit the Chef
                  Mr. Tricks the Magician
                  Mr. Winkle the Wizard
                  Peghead Pete the Pirate
                  Gray the Vampire
Workshops - Clowning
                    Circus Skills
                    Paper making
Shows - all are inter-active and include music.
               Jen's Super Doopa Music Show
              Noel's Music Show, includes a ventriloquist
              Steve's  Show includes tricks & juggling .
Pantomimes - Silkworm
                      The Great Adventure
Marissa's - Kazuntight the Spring Fairy.
Contact Orators and Creators for details of activities including fees, duration, age suitabilty and description of each activity.

Judy’s main areas of expertise are:

       Stress management,


       Assertiveness Skills,

       Dealing with Difficult People,

       Managing Life’s transitions, and

       Pain Management & Relaxation for the elderly.


Judy H
Speaker, motivational, time management, relaxation.

Public Speakers cover a variety of topics........................................

 New topics for 2014 are as follows;


* A Lifetime's Obsession with Film.

* Comical Poems.

* Gift Wrapping with Style - quick & simple ways to wrap gifts in an  individual and special way.

* Genealogy and Family Trees.

* Organising a Family Reunion.

* Shopping with Glamour in Melbourne.

* The Commonwealth Games - its History & Memorable Moments.

* Wartime Poems.

 For a comprehensive list of speakers contact Orators and Creators at;


Public Speaker & Author, see above for topics.

See above for a list of available workshops and seminars for all ages.